St Senans RFC

Founded 1974

Co. Clare

COVID 19 Information


The Return to Rugby policies and Guidelines outlined in the below document are created to be implemented in response to COVID-19. The main objective is the safe returning to rugby for all members of St. Senan’s RFC.

The following reference documents were used in preparing this plan:

HSE Interim guidance for use of PPE COVID-19 v.1 17.03.20.

WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene

WHO Standard Precautions

IRFU Return to Rugby Guidelines


St. Senan’s RFC


St. Senan’s RFC is a Junior rugby club in Shannon Co. Clare.

Contact Details:

Secretary:                                            Brian Punch (

Covid 19 Safety Officer:                 Cathal Mac Cormaic (

Club Address:                                    Tullyvarragga, Shannon, Co. Clare

Facilities:                                              Clubhouse with 4 changing rooms, 2 shower rooms, kitchen, referee’s changing room/shower and one office.

                                                                2 full size playing fields

                                                                Car parking at front of clubhouse.

No. of teams/members:               2 adult men teams, 8 juvenile teams, approx.. 100 minis players.

                                                                Overall roughly 350 members.








Key Covid 19 Personnel


Covid 19 Safety Officer:                 Cathal Mac Cormaic (

Covid 19 Compliance Officers:    Mike O’Halloran

                                                                Stephen Ryan

                                                                Fran Duggan

                                                                Brian Punch

                                                                David Dunne

                                                                Dave Lee

                                                                Caroline Feehily

                                                                Niall Dowds


Risk Assessment

The St. Senan’s RFC risk assessment was carried out by Covid 19 Safety Officer, Cathal Mac Cormaic.

Cathal mac Cormaic has a background in risk assessment based  on 10 years in the chemical manufacturing industry, 20 years with Clare Fire and Rescue Service and a further 3 Years in Shannon Swimming Leisure Centre all of which incorporated carrying out company risk assessments and dynamic risk assessments relating to both operating procedures and public safety.

The risk assessment is provided in Appendix E.            


Criteria for Resumption:

The following criteria have been put in place for resumption to to training and club activities:


1.       Training and Communications:


a.       All members must undergo induction training which will comprise of:


                IRFU Return to Rugby webinar

                Hand Hygiene protocols

                Respiratory etiquette

                Physical Distancing

                Pre-Training self-declaration

                Arriving to/Leaving training

                Parking protocol

                Toilet use

                Pitch Layout


b.       Covid 19 Safety Officer/Compliance Officers will also be trained in:


Briefing players

Training plans

Cleaning/Disinfection protocol

Monitoring activities

Completion of action checklists

Maintaining records of self-declaration and attendance at training.

Reporting any relevant incidents


Equipment protocols

Protocols for persons with Covid 19 symptoms


Parents and Guardians will be required to adhere to the requirements of section 1.a.

They are also responsible for ensuring children under their car act in accordance with

section 1.a.



2.       Personal Hygiene and Etiquette


In addition to training for hygiene/etiquette the following measures will be in place:


Hand sanitizing stations at appropriate locations

Soap and hot water in toilet facilities

Signage at front gate, sanitizing stations, entrance to clubhouse, pitches and toilet facilities.

No Sharing of water bottles/equipment




3.       Cleaning to Prevent Contamination:

All touch points to be sanitised prior to activities (these include door handles, flush handles, taps and toilet seats).

Footballs and other training equipment to be sanitised before and after activities.

(Changing rooms/showers/kitchens to remain closed).

When disposing of cloths/PPE, use dedicated Covid bin.


4.       Training Numbers and Permitted Activities

Only scheduled training sessions can take place

Training Plan to be approved by Covid 19 Compliance Officer prior to taking Place

Only the same pod of players to train together at any time

Pitches to be divided appropriately to allow physical distancing between pods/players.


5.       Use of PPE

Disposable gloves should be used when carrying out cleaning.

They should be placed in the dedicated Covid bin after use.

Use of face masks is optional.


6.       Getting to Training

All members to complete Personal Assessment Declaration prior to each session

Car sharing should only be with members of the same household

Arrive ready to train

Park appropriately to ensure physical distancing

Check in with Covid 19 Compliance Cfficer

Leave directly after training. 


7.       Physical Distancing

The following measures will be in place:

Induction training


Ground markings

No spectators visitors

Monitoring by Covid 19 Compliance officer


8.       Use of Facilities

Only the Toilet facilities will be in use limited to one person at a time.

Hygiene/cleaning protocols will be in place.


9.       Catering and |Refreshment  Facilities

The kitchen will remain closed until further guidelines are received


10.   Conflict Resolution

Any disagreement regarding the new procedures will be directed through the Compliance Officers. Through consultation with the Covid 19 Safety Office/ Executive Committee resolution should be achieved.


11.   Disciplinary action, if necessary, will be based on severity and ratified through the Executive Committee.


12.   Contact Log.


Contact tracing will be maintained through the ClubZapp training records. Any non-regular contact (eg. First Aid) will be manually recorded and stored in the Covid 19 file.


13.   Covid 19 Action List/ Check List

Action List/ Check List will be completed by the Covid 19 Compliance Officer on duty and stored in the Covid 19 File.


Suspected Case Response Team


The following procedure should be followed for suspect cases:


Facilitate the patient in remaining in isolation. (Use referees changing room)

Facilitate the patient in calling their doctor.

The patient should avoid touching people, surfaces and objects.

Advise the patient to cover their mouth and nose with the disposable tissue provided when they cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the waste bag provided. 

Arrange transport home or to hospital for medical assessment.

Public transport of any kind should not be used.

Arrange for appropriate cleaning of the isolation area and work areas involved.

Provide advice and assistance if contacted by the HSE.




First Aid

PHECC first aid protocols should be followed.

These are outlined in Appendix G




Appendix A                         Key Personnel

Appendix B                         Hygiene/Physical Distancing

Appendix C                         Pre training self-assessment

Appendix D                         First Aid

Appendix E                         Risk assessment

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